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Prepare to revolutionize every water-relate aspect of your life! Water touches us in so many ways throughout the day that we don't even realize. Do you drink coffee, shower, wash clothes, boil rice or pasta, or have a hot water heater? You almost certainly do. The truth is that we can improve and enhance all of these daily experiences and make your life a little bit better. Our water systems don't just soften your water, but also condition your water. Our water softeners significantly reduce the amounts of harmful chemicals that build up on your faucets, in your pipes, and in your body!

All of our water systems are tailor made to your needs. We perform an *actual* water test that only takes 15 minutes. There's no long presentation, and no high-pressure sales pitch. Just an honest assessment of your water quality and a written quote for a water softener or other water system on the spot! Don't believe us? Call and find out!

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If I can think of a person and company that gives you POS (Positively Outrageous Service) that would be Julie Guimond and Sensible Water Solutions.

They installed a water system in my home and it has met and exceeded all of the claims that Julie presented to me in a most professional manner.

A couple of situations arose with my water system, and after contacting Julie, not only did she respond quickly, but she also came to my home to address the issue well past what others would consider a reasonable hour (2 am- I could not believe it).

Julie Guimond and her company should absolutely be your choice!

Hayes L. Jacksone
Palm Coast, FL

I was introduced to Julie Guimond in 2015 and I must say she is the true example of a business professional. I shared with her that I would soon relocate to Palm Coast and she took the initiative of assisting me with providing the necessary tools to establish my professional connections in Palm Coast. She took time from her busy schedule to meet with me on numerous occasions to check in to see how I was doing with the process.

She is truly a rare find. I feel extremely fortunate to have met her. I highly recommend Julie Guimond for the "Excellence in Customer Service Award"

Sue Negron
President HR Employee Solutions

I wish to provide my unconditional support of Sensible Water Solutions as the recipient of the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce "Excellence in Customer Service Award." Julie Guimond and those associated with her business are stellar in every respect.

I found them to be knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and extremely responsive.

From beginning to end, Ms. Guimond educated me on issues regarding clean water and clearly explained and answered all my concerns. Since it was a relatively expensive investment, I took nothing for granted and neither did she! Follow up is always a consideration after purchasing anything and on this score, I wasn't disappointed. For these reasons, I have referred friends.

Frankly, I cannot image a better experience, nor wanting more from any company. It is my pleasure to offer and echo the sentiments of others that Sensible Water Solutions is worthy of this distinction.

Awilda Hamilton
Palm Coast, FL

I would without hesitation support Julie for this order to make it this far in her sales career you have to be focused on your customer, she's a professional in every way and a great mother, that alone should win her this award. When it came time to choose my first ever water system I would not even think of calling someone else, the water system was installed and right away I could see and feel the difference immediately . Since the installation Julie has been there for any questions that I may have, I now refer her to my customers and that's a big deal to me because I want them treated how I would want to be treated. Congrats Julie for your nomination.

Mike Richards
Palm Coast, FL

I would like to recommend Sensible Water Solutions for Excellence in Customer Service Award. I am an 18 year Real Estate agent here in Flagler County and I recently had a client who needed immediate service when they purchased a condominium unit that had absolutely horrible water. From the moment I called the office my clients received excellent service and by that time the following day they had their new water system installed.

As a professional Realtor it is of the utmost importance to me that I can recommend a business to my customers in good faith knowing that their needs will be taken care of in a prompt, courteous and professional manner. My clients love their water system and they are now, happily, enjoying their new beachfront home and I have the peace of mind knowing that I sent my clients to one of the best in the industry.

Mindy Leishman
Palm Coast, FL

It is with pleasure that I endorse Sensible Water Solutions for consideration of the "Excellence in Customer Service Award" as will be presented by the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce.

Sensible Water Solutions installed a water system at my residence about a year ago and I have been so happy with the results. Julie Guimond performs the maintenance on my water systems regularly, she has educated both me and my husband on all the nasty things that the water system is removing from our water, and I've seen the nasty stuff when Julie has come out to change the filter.

Having a water system that purifies our water has not only made my life better, I use less laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, dish washer detergent, and the water system tastes great! Julie will come out any time we need her and returns calls promptly.

Keep up the great work Sensible Water Solutions.

Catty Cook
Palm Coast, FL

It is with pleasure that I endorse Sensible Water Systems for consideration of the "Excellence in Customer Service Award" as will be presented by the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce.

Sensible Water Systems installed a water system at my residence about a year ago and I have been so happy with the results that when I purchased an investment property, a few months ago, I immediately had a water system installed there for the benefit of my tenants. Julie Guimond performs the maintenance on both water systems regularly, and in addition she has educated both me and my tenants on all the nasty things that the water system is removing from our water.

Having a water system that purifies our water has not only made my life better but, I believe, set my rental property head and shoulders above the completion.

Keep up the great work Sensible Water Systems .

Don Reed
Palm Coast, FL

I met Julie at a business function and after hearing about her business, I asked her for more information. On the spot, Julie supplied me some pamphlets and said she could come to our home and test our water. We made appointment, she came to our home and did an excellent job with her presentation. My husband and I were very impressed with her knowledge of her product and we loved her no pressure attitude. We bought the water system and were equally impressed with her installer.

A few months after our install, we remodeled our kitchen. Julie made sure to have her installer come back to our home at no charge to re-install our drinking water system under our kitchen sink once the new cabinets were installed. This is a prime example of going the extra mile to provide great service! It has been almost a year now that we have had the water system and are SO glad we made this investment. The difference in quality from out water system is incredible.

I would and do refer Julie with Sensible Water Systems !

Linda Ponsiek
Palm Coast, FL

My wife lives with Multiple Sclerosis and healthy living is a top priority for our family. When we wanted to get a water system, Julie was so helpful answering all of the questions we had and explained exactly how her water system would benefit our health. Sensible Water Systems is not just about putting in a water system and leaving. They truly care about their customers and make a point to check in with them. We can not thank Sensible Water Systems enough!!

Michael Davis
Palm Coast, FL

I have not regretted my decision to get a water system from Sensible Water Systems for one second. From the moment I thought about getting a water system, I experienced nothing but the best in customer service and professionalism. Before the installation, Julie and her employees made multiple visits to the house to check everything out and make sure the installment would run smoothly. And it did! The installation took no time at all and the better quality from my water system was noticeable within minutes. I am so grateful to Sensible Water Systems for my pure, clean, delicious water!!!

Jillian Griffin
Palm Coast, FL